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Plant Nursery


Cooking & Canines is dedicated to providing delicious recipes and helpful cooking tips, but also offers unique content in the form of time lapse videos of different vegetables and fruits growing from seeds or propagation. We invite you to explore our recent videos and learn more about sustainable gardening and cooking.



Propagating Green Onions

Propagating green onions is extremely easy and they grow pretty quickly.  This is easy to set up and maintain in your kitchen for easy access while cooking, or you can plant them in the ground and they will still grow.  Simply take your store bought green onions, cut them about an inch above the still attached roots and place them in water to watch them grow. 



Growing Corn in Garden

This is the first year I've ever grown corn so I decided to document it in a time lapse video.  The seed was planted directly in the garden (as opposed to starting indoors and transplanting it later like I do with a lot of my garden).  The time lapse is taken over 10 days starting when I first saw it sprouting up.



Propagating Celery

Propagating celery is basically the same as the green onions, simply cut and harvest the celery about an inch above the root.  Place it root side down in a bowl of water and watch it grow.  The video below was taken over about 10 days of time.

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